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Tryad - Struttin

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Исполнитель: Tryad

Название mp3: Struttin

Длительность: 04:02

Добавлен: 2015-12-04

Просмотрено: 302


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Текст песни:

Cold crispy crunchy crackle
Pulsating electrical static
It's just so automatic
My piece of personal plastic

Instant phat packet zap
Beat net delivery fix
Baby blonde battery barbies
Ain't got nothing on this

Key ticks go clickity clack
Holowach hits his hard drive hack
Download track and bounce right back
P2P is where it's at

Spot rip sample and clip
Zip burn spin and spit
Some sonic assembly line trip
Shooting straight, straight from the hip

Speaking to this tiny box
Through wires words walk
Struttin down browser blocks
World-wide transmission talk

Fuzzy Flicker FM falls
DRM dashed to the walls
Podcast broadcasts signal no noise
Global infinite internet choice

Music junkies get all for free
Major labels don't get me
Contracts kiss my industry
I'll sing the system to its knees

Try to stop a genie loose
Lawyers can't hold back the truth
We the people, we the youth
You the media, we're now too

Evolving global brain
Planet transmit tell-tale train
Virtual visual psychic plane
Alpha omega ascension game

Serket dot net beams it down
RJ carries the classical crown
Arna Ema sing some rounds
Tryd kicks the combined sound

Клип Tryad - Struttin'